Frequently asked questions

Who should attend?

The event is open to everyone. However, we hope to encourage youth, young adults, and adults looking to change careers in the Greater New Orleans area to join us.

Is there a fee to attend?

There is no fee to attend. The event will be livestreamed on Facebook and Boothcentral. On event day, you can click the link on the Eventbrite page to access the event LIVE or you can go to www.Boothcentral.com then go to TECHCharge to access the event.

Can I ask questions during the event?

Yes; you can type your questions in a chatbox and we will communicate your question to the speaker.

Should I attend if I don't live in New Orleans?

Yes; whether you live in New Orleans or not you will enjoy learning from tech leaders, hearing music and winning prizes.

How does the School/Non-Profit Reward Program works?

Our goal is to support one New Orleans-based school or non-profit. By simply registering and identifying the school or non-profit you represent, you can help them earn a $1,000 cash donation. If you are unsure if your school or non-profit is registered for the program, feel free to email events@prsolutionsllc.org and we will forward you a registration form.

How do I become a sponsor or exhibitor?

To learn about our sponsorship opportunities email Michelle Jackson at events@prsolutionsllc.org or click the Sponsorship link at the bottom of the page.